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Ontario Mortgage Rates
Ontario Mortgage Rates
Ontario Mortgage Rates
Ontario Mortgage Rates
Ontario Mortgage Rates
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How do I make extra MONEY? Here are some ideas...
Even the best of times, one of the most common questions asked is, How do I make more money? While an increase in income can ease the way things work in your personal economy, it wont necessarily solve all your problems. You will still need a plan for the wise management of your financial resources. Making more money, though, can help you turn things around in some cases, allowing you to pay down debt quicker, build a sizable nest egg, or save up for a family trip.

There are a number of ways that you can make more money. There are even ways of making money online, from the comfort of your home. Creativity, planning and hard work can all lead to an increase in income.
Working from home can be a rewarding way to make more money, especially if your are making money online. This wont provide you with fast cash, and it can take a lot of hard work and creativity to build up your home business. When you work as an independent contractor, you will also need to understand how to handle your taxes, and you might even need to be licensed, depending on what you decide to do. Here are some ways to make money by creating your own home business:

1.Child Care Services: Provide babysitting services in your own home. If you can offer some sort of preschool in addition to child care, you can build up an even better business. Become properly licensed, and you might even be able to get help from the state in the form of subsidies for snacks and meals you provide for the children.
2.Pet Care Services: Depending on your abilities and skill level, you can can offer pet care services. It can be as simple as walking dogs and feeding cats for out-of-town neighbors, or it can be as complex as bathing and grooming services.
3.Arts and Crafts: For those who are talented in the area of arts and crafts, it is possible to sell what you make. Web sites like Etsy provide you a way to sell what you create. My sister-in-law sells items she crochets. She even designs patterns that sell for a couple dollars each time someone wants one. If you sew, work with wood, knit, quilt, paint or enjoy some other type of art pursuit, you can build a business.
4.Virtual Assisting: Those who are organized and have good communications skills can provide administrative services, even at a distance. Appointment setting, phone calls and other duties can be performed by a virtual assistant. Its a growing field that you can involve yourself in.
5.Tutoring: Are you good at math? Do you understand science concepts? Can you help others improve their reading and writing skills? If you have a talent for teaching, you can offer your services as a tutor. Not only can you do it as a home business in your local area, but you can also make money online as a tutor. You can look for your own clients, or sign up with services like Tutor.com.
6.Teaching: My husband just finished his Ph.D. and is teaching an online class at his alma mater here in town. He can do it from home. Plus, since he is developing the curriculum, he is receiving an extra stipend for the summer semester. While my husband is doing this for the local state university, many online educational institutions are also interested in teachers who can provide classes online without needing to leave their homes.
7.Photography: When you have a good eye, and some talent with a camera, you can make money as a photographer. Offer to take photos for graduation, weddings, births and other life events. Its possible to find small lighting kits on eBay, and a dark sheet can provide a background if you do indoor photography rather than outdoor. With the help of digital cameras and web sites like Shutterfly, it is possible to provide this service. On top of that, you can provide creative photos, landscapes and other images to stock photo sites, and receive money every time someone downloads your pictures.
8.Freelancing: There are a number of freelancing activities that can be done from your home, allowing a way of making money online. If you have the skill and the right equipment, you can freelance as a writer, graphic designer, software developer, or programmer. Take on projects and get paid.
9.Consulting: If you have knowledge of social media, public relations or some other subject in high demand, you can sell your knowledge. Work from home offering tips on increasing social media presence. Write press releases and direct advertising strategy. My husband will be working as a consultant for a local health care system, providing advice and direction on survey design.
10.Financial Planning Services: With the right certifications and licenses, you can provide financial planning services from your home. Offer suggestions to help others meet their financial goals. If you get your securities license, you can even help people buy investments.
11.Provide Lodging: You can rent out a room in your home. You can convert part of your house to a bed and breakfast, and you can rent it out for temporary visitors to your home. Or, you can rent a room to a college student, or young professional, who needs a place to live. This will provide you with some regular income from the use of your home.
Making Money Passively
Another way to make more money is to develop passive income streams. You might have to do a little work to get your system in place, and you might have to do some work to maintain the system at a minimal level, but you can create income streams that provide you with money with little effort down the road.

1.Affiliate Programs: You can sign up with affiliate programs to advertise on your web site. You get a portion of purchases made from clicks to your site. Other affiliate programs involve setting up to sell products and services. In my neighborhood, there are a number of people who direct you to their affiliate sites that sell kitchen items, scrapbook supplies, jewelry and candles.
2.Residual Income: In some cases, you can receive residual income from things you write or pictures you upload. Stock photo sites allow you to make money when others use your photos. There are a number of content-driven web sites that will pay you based on pageviews of articles you wrote years ago, or let you earn AdSense income. This is a way of making money online. I make about $100 a month in residual income that comes in passively from work I did three to five years ago.
3.Income Investments: Build up an income portfolio to create a revenue stream. Income investments like bonds, dividend stocks and even P2P lending can provide you with regular payments. There is always the risk of loss in an investment, though, so be careful.
4.Royalties: Books, music and other creative works can result in royalties. You continue to receive payments as the work is used.
5.Self-Publishing: Also, in this digital age of self-publishing, its possible for you to make your own ebook or offer music for download and keep all of the money for yourself. No royalties required.

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